Laser cut silk for Vera Wang

This is a close-up image of silk we are laser cutting for Vera Wang’s bridal dress line. Beautiful pattern!

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Laser engraved leather cigar cases

This is a wonderful idea for you cigar lovers….. Laser engraved leather cigar cases! We engraved this custom case for a guitar player. It includes an image of a mandolin and a monogram.

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Press for laser cut pianola rolls for artist Maria Elena Gonzalez


Our umbrella company “Laser Cutting Shapes” been mentioned on Mad Museum’s website for laser cutting custom paper pianola rolls for artist Maria Elena Gonzalez at the Skowhegan artist colony in Maine! The article titled “An Evening of Pianola, presentation with Randolph Herr and Maria Elena Gonzalez” (see above image for the article), describes this amazing work. Laser Cutting Shapes laser cut a group of paper player piano rolls with her patterns that actually play music “from the trees”! Wow, right? This project is really pushing the limits of laser cutting to a new aesthetic level. Here are some detail shots of the actual rolls we laser cut for her….. Nice work Maria Elena!!!

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Laser cut textile table runners for Terrain

This is a recent project we laser cut for Terrain. It’s a velvet table runner. Lovely design!

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Laser cut handwoven textile

tom laser cut hand woven textile for couture jacket


This is a close-up shot of a custom laser cut we did on a hand woven textile for our clients couture jacket!

This design was of a “snake” that wrapped around the whole jacket.

What do you think?

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The Laser Cut Fabric and Zac Posen collaboration:

If you haven’t heard of Zac Posen then you’ve been living under a rock. After his big break in 2000 this designer has been all over the fashion charts with lines hitting the runway to lines hitting the Target shelves. In 2008 Laser Cut Fabric as a part of Laser Cutting Shapes got the honor to be able to work with Zac Posen to cut pieces for his Spring/Summer collection.

There are many benefits to laser cutting that designers take advantage of, such as the unique ability to cut intricate patterns and the fact that does not have to sew the edges because the laser seals them.

Below are the three dresses that Zac Posen had laser cut with Laser Cut Fabric.

If you are a more visual person (aren’t we all) you can also watch the dresses in action during this Zac Posen Spring/Summer 2008 show video. The dresses featured at 1:05, 3:09 and 3:32

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Laser Cut Neoprene Dress for Michael Angel

One Designer we have had the pleasure of working with is Michael Angel. He is a designer that has been “garnering industry-wide attention for pioneering the use of digital prints.”

The dress we laser cut for Michael Angel

This is in a way very reflective of how laser cutting is entering the fashion industry and using computerized, robotic methods to create beautiful designs.  The dress we cut for Michael Angel was for his Fall/Winter 2010 collection.

What is even more interesting about this dress is that it is cut from Neoprene. Neoprene is usually used for things like laptop sleeves, orthopedic braces, gaskets, hoses, corrosion resistant coatings and in aquatics, but not usually high fashion! Micheal Angel says of his work that he has “focused on translating digital print onto unexpected fabrics…pushing the boundaries of what we can print on – engineering fabrics and experimenting with application,” and that is exactly what laser cutting on neoprene was able to do!

You can see the dress in action on the runways as part of his collection in THIS VIDEO, the dress we cut is featured at 2:32.

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Welcome to the Laser Cut Fabric blog:

Laser Cut Fabrics is one of the offspring of the Laser Cutting Shapes family that provides laser cutting services for textile and industrial fabrics. We have substantial experience servicing various industries including fashion, furniture, automotive, medical devices and many others! The possibilities when using laser cutting are endless!

We will work with many materials including various woven and non-woven fabrics, organic materials such as silk, wool, cotton, leather, etc. and artificial materials such as polyesters, nylons, acrylics, neoprene, rubber, vinyl, etc.

As part of our experience members of the Laser Cutting Shapes family have had the pleasure of working with amazing fashion designers such as Alexander McQueen, Zac Posen, Michael Angel, Marchesa and many more. We have also done projects for companies such as Victoria’s Secret, Vosges Chocolates and Bob Evans. We run the best laser cutting systems in the industry providing a high level of intricacy, repeatability and quality. We are located in Columbus, Ohio and we service clients across the United States and Canada.

The rest of the Laser Cutting Shapes family includes Papyrus Cutters which provides laser cutting services for papers and boards, Papel Couture which is their line of high-end laser cut paper wedding and event accessories and Boutique Supply which provides laser cutting services for boutique accessories and more.

Thanks for visiting our blog and be sure to come back and check out posts on our projects and inspirations. In the mean time check us out on facebook and twitter, then let us know what projects we can help you with!

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